Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Throw away days.

Also titled Mat Days.

Days were I can't seem to accomplish anything and hide in my bed. Maybe I should stay up till 2AM watching TV DVD. (The Office season 3...will Jim and Pam get together?) I have written so letters today. One for Natasha and Neal as a reply to their latest letter. and One to Megan H. Megan I met in a church in Edmonton. She was a familiar face. I asked her how we would know each other. She replied with I helped her when I was buying groceries the day before. It was true but not the reason I knew her. After awhile I figured out I was friends with her friend on Myspace randomly. So i had seen her profile and picture for sometime. The Internet is dangerous, but amazing none the less. This was my 4th piece to her. Waiting for a reply. I did break my rule but I know she will come through.

Buying new stationary of letters as motivation to write more. I bought this great set of 12 cards from Knock Knock from winners for 6 dollars. Elyse always writes on the inside and then the back of a card. So sweet to fill up every corner. The above postcard came today. I can't wait to collect. Kisses all around. Oh and hugs. Everyone needs more hugs. Alot of my Pals have been jumping on planes and heading around. Can't wait to see the new finds and the great stories.

Mathew John

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