Thursday, February 14, 2008

Man I am so in love with you.

"I should explain my postcard art. It is my locket. Given to me by my Grandma. Given to her by an old boyfriend, she tells me proudly and scandously- for it was not a gift from my Grandfater- the man she loved in the end. Now my locket waits empty." ~Erin G.

Carolyn mentioned how after a break up she like to purge her life of that person. Wash the sheet and grab the garbage bag. It's interesting how Erin's Grandma would hold on to that locket for so long. As I have been informed, never give back jewelry.

Today we went and visited our good friend Bernard Callebaut. A perfect way to spend the day hanging with the best friend eating sweets. I dropped her off, in her hand was Sixteen Candles and the Notebook to be consumed. Good luck. Then my mother bought my favorite secret treat- croissant donut. Help me out of this sugar coma!!!

No eating any more chocolate...till tomorrow when it becomes half off.

Off to hide in the library,
Mathew John

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Toccata said...

One should always hang onto jewelry. I have a beautiful amythest ring that always makes me smile whenever I see it and a watch that makes me cringe and think thank God that one's over!!