Monday, February 11, 2008

I will not quit.

Monday Blues.

In the month of February, I go through major blues. It's a short month thank god. Right now all I want to due is lie in bed. There is nothing better than that warm spot. you know, your protection, your body heat collection. Perfection.

Today had a lovely card from Elyse.
(Purchased from my favorite store in Victoria, Fan Tan Gallery)

Then the nicest surprise a simple letter from Neal. Within a month of meeting Neal he picked his stuff up and moved to Montreal. Ever time I have moved I knew I would return. He is brave. (even if he doesn't believe me) I had sent him 3 cards with no reply. It's a rule of mine after 3 pieces to quit. Just in time he saved his mail box. It makes me happy because I enjoy sending mail ,and don't want to quit. Pen pals have to put in some work.

I should get back to work,
Mathew John

(trying not to nap)

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