Sunday, February 24, 2008

Delayed Bliss.

It's Sunday morning and I woke up for Christmas. (even with it only being the 24 of Feb.)
I was away the last 3 days, neglecting my mail box. I knew that going and getting the mail would be better in the evening. Falling asleep to the wonder of possibilities.

The postcard up top is from Elyse. Vintage Valentines were hard to find this year. (I struggled.)

The postcard below is from Megan Brooks.

I know I don't use last names but she is like Madonna and Prince. When I am feel low call on her, mentally and physically, MEGAN-BROOKS. We met in Montreal this summer. I was her little thing she was fucked without she was my little drunk. We laughed we cried we ran around and went water sliding. We shotgunned beers.

I will forever B-yours, Miss Brooks.

Montreal is a treat for the FREE postcard. It's the way advertising works. POP comes out with the best. On the back it's a 2008 calender. For 2007 I kept one with me and circled all the days of travel. 114 was my total. A third of the year, my my. 2008 it the year of broke. Neal sent this magic, he's growing on me as a penpal.

I guess those will be it for valentines for the year. A good haul. Thank you everyone who made me one they will be cherished.

Till Monday's postbox trip,

Mathew John


Toccata said...

That's a cool one from Elyse. I wonder if she got it at the Papery? Your mailbox certainly contains more exciting things than mine!

Mathew John said...

When I visit Victoria it's hard for her to take me to the papery. Not wanting to ruin some cards to be bought in the future.

She did just discover Lazy Susans.
I want to visit and get my share of amazing cards.