Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Bed Time: 7:30PM

I have been away from my home and mailbox. Also so busy with school I fell behind on letter to everyone. Tonight is dedicated to my bed and writing and sending out thank you cards. Busy busy. I did get great cards from long lost pen pals. This week I will get everything up.

Always write on the back of letters. It's a great personal touch. They just give the receiver and the sender a little heartbeat.

Into bed,
Mathew John

Monday, March 24, 2008

The on-going story.

“Once upon a time there was a young boy and girl who wanted to find love. So they set out on a quest together. In each town they found handsome men who were brave chivalrous knights, but still, what they seeked continued to elude them. They had been travelling for many months and their will to go on was fading, when at last they happened upon a tall and foreboding castle set high upon a treacherous cliff. Both knew at once that this was where their lover lay. They scaled the cliff, each step bringing them closer to the dark castle finally they reached the summit and saw a light…” ~Sept. 20th 2007

“…The golden glow spilled out onto the floor from an open doorway of a hall. They made towards it. They hesitated when they reached the threshold, but curiosity drove them in. Inside the room, which was made of stone (as it was the turret of the castle) lay two marble platforms. In the candlelight they could make out the sleeping forms of two men. They approached them and tried to wake them. Nothing would work, they were enchanted…” ~Oct. 21 2007
to be continued...
Mathew John

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Not feeling it.

Lately I have been feeling a little slumpy. (I haven't run since Sunday) After quiting love, my crush factor is low. Even if crush don't ever work out they just keep the motivation for love following. Alas I don't see anyone close to me worthy of a crush. With it being the first day of spring all i want to do is lay in my bed and read. The donations are pouring in, then thank you letters are taking a little longer to drain out. Thank the heavens for Easter weekends. Also thank them again for Erin G. and this lovely little card.

Let's all sin a little this weekend,
Mathew John

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Much needed.

Sad to have 2 days in a row without anything.
I threw the mail down and this slipped out.
Hidden Gem.
Mathew John

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Salvation Army.

I bought these at Ikea. I bought a pack last week and went back for more.
Sophie and I while living in Montreal had a horrendous occasion with preparing artichokes.
(I didn't know the hearts were easily bought in jars.) The 5 pack of art cards was on sale for 1.49
The rest are all thrift store finds:

I was on the major hunt for thank you cards. Mission accomplished. If your wanting to find some cards to send the Salvation Army off of Glenmore Trail in the SE has an amazing selection. Each for 29 cents. So if you want one of these, let me know and I will get to sending it out.

Checking the mail for today,
Mathew John

Monday, March 17, 2008


2 cards from Elyse.

2 Things from the United States. (one over lap since the Nashville Postcard was from Elyse)

This is a card from Erin E. If anyone could translate this card,
Or we could all make up what it says.

She wrote this card at VW Rally at Bowlorama.

Today I was sad after writing my last mid-term. Francine and my broke self drove around to 3 salvation army's thrift stores and IKEA. Salvation Army is amazing because they resell cards, at 25-50 cents. AMAZING. Basically I have enough postcards and letters to last me 3 months. Tomorrow will be the post of my favourites from the hunt.

Off to clean my room and write some much needed thank you notes,

Mathew John

Friday, March 14, 2008

Champagne Fridays.

I cute mini postcard from Anna H. (Hand Painted)

Every second Friday I make a journey to my local farmers market. There is this wonderful wine store beside it, with a wine bar. Basically it is a reason to start drinking at 3PM in the afternoon. Thank the heavens for tasting wine. When ever I walk in they know me so well, as well as my love for the bubbly, they have a glass ready for me. It's the way to end the week and start the weekend. Came home to find this perfect paring in my mailbox. Erin G. is going to Nepal for the summer. I'm so excited and proud for her.

This postcard with the roses is also from Anna H. Anna was that cool girl working at the local vintage store you just want to be friends with. So polite to you when you came in and messed the store up, trying on ridiculous fashions. Then I turned of age and was out and about dancing and we became friends. She is one of those sweet good natured people who smiles from the heart. I must get something off to her this weekend. After not getting a response I put her in my back burner. Back to it.
Have a great weekend,

Mathew John

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

PB and J

Don't get me wrong, I love my weekly pen pals. At least once a week I send something off to Elyse, Erin G., Natasha, Charley, and Neal etc... But This post is about Amber PB.

I met Amber in Halifax this summer. We have had an on/off relationship. She was introduced to me by Charley. NSCAD's love mail. She has this great way of combining texture and little drawings to her mail. There was a velvet bunny sticker on the front. Cute.
"Well. let me just take this opportunity to say, that your on going postcard correspondence never ceases to brighten whichever day I happen to receive said mail... and no matter how sporadic or far between they may be... I will continue to feel that matter what."
Back at you Amber.
It's my birthday in a month. I think I will treat myself with a typewriter.
Off to make a sandwich,
Mathew John

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How does it?

How did this even get to my house. The address is basically washed away. It was a letter from Neal and the water seeped through the envelope to end up on the pages. Smearing his writing. It does have a little charm. I wonder if someone has ever written a letter popped it into a mail box decide against it and then filled up the mailbox with water? Weird thought, I know

Sophie and Elyse just went to Tennesse. How can you go to Tennesse without getting a postcard of Elvis? He is the king. Sophie always finds the great black and white postcards of famous. The one she sent of Julie Roberts adorn my fridge.

Beatrix potter. Elyse is my Queen of children's books. (and 80's movies) On the back she wrote "When your a proud Daddy, I'll buy your kiddies the complete collection of Beatrix Potter. A must have in any child's library." In her house I covet her Frank Baum originals of her fathers when he was a child. The illustration in the OZ series is just amazing.

Katie S. came through. Here is her first postcard from when we first met in November. I love it all. But really love the bit about "Let's not be Facebook friends." I totally agree. This profile business is tiresome. Great for letting people know what your doing, but do people really care what your doing? It's a large time waster. I would rather put my time to my Pen Pals.
Okay enough blogging and back to the books,
Mathew John

Friday, March 7, 2008

Weeks that fly by.

As school get more demanding I try to not let myself get to distracted.
That why I got a little behind on my updates. This is my weeks haul.

Many great pieces. My girl Audrey, sent from my Girl Sophie. Sophie is the reason I came to know Elyse. We sailed around the world then lived in Montreal for a summer. She was going to Meet Elyse in Tennessee for a trip and her flight was cancelled and bags lost. Redirected through Chicago so she sent me 2 postcards this week. Hopefully we can go one day and see the city.
The top orange one is from Anja. Surprise Anja is my mystery pen pal from 2 entries ago. I can't wait to get the set of men in my mail box.

The blue one came from Natasha. Smooth. I could rub this on my face. (I also really like to smell velvet.) It did also help with the finger prints on my scanner.

Boy Hungry!!! Elyse has magic for finding little bits that fit my life. You know it's spring when every second person you see looks good. Oh and soon the blooms will be out. Good thing I have quit looking for love.

Lastly My final Valentine.~Erin I.~ Written on the 14th and sent from Toronto. 2 lovely lollipop bulged the envelope thick. Must have been considered a parcel since it took so long to arrive. Tree's and Deer do make hearts. My heart beats for this girl, we have only had 10 sentences and I'm sure it's gay man straight girl love.

I was up till 1AM writing away so check your mail boxes.
Off to nap on this sunny day,
Mathew John

Monday, March 3, 2008


Lately I have just been in my bed about to fall asleep wondering what can I do? How can I make a positive impact? The changes I want to see.

I got involved with Team in Training this January. On June 21st I will run my first ever Half Marathon, Mayor's Marathon in Anchorage. It requires a lot of training and focus. (including ice baths) Part of the training is fundraising to fight blood cancers.
On Friday I sent off 50 letter for my goal of 4900.

This evening I got my first online donation from My pal Liz C.
Everyone who donates has my gratitude and the cutest note I can find.

If you would like to donate:
Mathew John

Saturday, March 1, 2008


I have been getting alot of positive feedback. People can't believe how much mail I get.

If you give you shall recieve. I keep track of who I send to. (not what I send)

Feb. 4th
Megan B.
Jessica V.
Erin G.
Stacey W.
Grands (Grandpa and Grandma)
Megan E.

Feb. 6th

Feb. 7th

Feb 8th
Erin G.

Feb. 12th
Erin G.

Feb. 18th

Feb. 20th

Feb 25th
Megan Brooks
Chelsea K.
Erin W.
Anna H.

Feb 27th
Megan E.
Erin E.
Katie S.

Feb 28th

Grand Total: 33

Mathew John