Friday, February 8, 2008

Some Pen Pals.

Well Miss Charley I think your swell too. Charley and I went to the same suburban highschool. But never found away to be friends. We ate dinner together for a mutual friends birthday. She is a vegitarian and ofcourse her pasta came out with chicken on it. Watching her awkwardness, i knew we should be friends. Then years later thanks to facebook we became internet friends. I told her to visit me in Montreal, she said visit her in Halifax. Boom weeks later I was sleeping on her floor. Then we boarded a 20 hour train and she slept on my bed.

This is a drawing Charley sent me. During my visit I bought this amazing print of hers. She spent her first year living in H-fax working with rust. It's a one of a kind using 9 flattend rusted cans. Magic. I'm not a painter or even a capital A Artist. Just a love and peace with writing down my thoughts and sending them away.

My newest pal is Natasha. We have never met. After recieving this first post card I knew she would get the good stuff in her mail box.

Lately I have been spending some time in Banff. But I have yet to see a deer there. As a child the place was overrun with Elk. BRING back the ELK. 2 tourist would die a year because of the elk. "Don't touch something alive that is bigger than you and not human"~Mathew John

'The Creaking Planks'
I received this post earlier this week. Natasha isn't in the photo but there is an accordian. That's how we met. She was just somegirl on the internet holding an accordian. Well more than holding it. Oh man. Find me a man who plays the accordian and I will be in heaven. (Even the glockenspiel...umm) After a little messaging back and forth. Boom pen pals. Only 2 pieces to make it to me so far but i'm excited for more.

Mathew John

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