Friday, February 29, 2008


What a great way to end not only this week but this month. Up top is Hot chocolate from Neal. Hello. Amazing.

Below Postcard from Natasha. Cuteness level maxed out.
To my first month of blogging, hurray!!!
Mathew John

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Not normal unhealthy kind of love"

Not sure who sent this. It is one of my pal because they refer something I have written in the past. I thought it was Erin G. because she is from Saskatoon. Saskatoon Regina so close. Texted her. Not her. Maybe it might my teacher Kate K. I had sent one off to her from Banff awhile ago. Mystery. They did mention they bought the set so I should be receiving more soon. Hopefully with their name.

I do love the postcard collection of Warhol's. I have bought some individually in the past and sent them off. Beautiful Men traveling across the country always a delight. Canada post ruins some postcards. I do like this one though, it adds character for it.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Throw away days.

Also titled Mat Days.

Days were I can't seem to accomplish anything and hide in my bed. Maybe I should stay up till 2AM watching TV DVD. (The Office season 3...will Jim and Pam get together?) I have written so letters today. One for Natasha and Neal as a reply to their latest letter. and One to Megan H. Megan I met in a church in Edmonton. She was a familiar face. I asked her how we would know each other. She replied with I helped her when I was buying groceries the day before. It was true but not the reason I knew her. After awhile I figured out I was friends with her friend on Myspace randomly. So i had seen her profile and picture for sometime. The Internet is dangerous, but amazing none the less. This was my 4th piece to her. Waiting for a reply. I did break my rule but I know she will come through.

Buying new stationary of letters as motivation to write more. I bought this great set of 12 cards from Knock Knock from winners for 6 dollars. Elyse always writes on the inside and then the back of a card. So sweet to fill up every corner. The above postcard came today. I can't wait to collect. Kisses all around. Oh and hugs. Everyone needs more hugs. Alot of my Pals have been jumping on planes and heading around. Can't wait to see the new finds and the great stories.

Mathew John

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Delayed Bliss.

It's Sunday morning and I woke up for Christmas. (even with it only being the 24 of Feb.)
I was away the last 3 days, neglecting my mail box. I knew that going and getting the mail would be better in the evening. Falling asleep to the wonder of possibilities.

The postcard up top is from Elyse. Vintage Valentines were hard to find this year. (I struggled.)

The postcard below is from Megan Brooks.

I know I don't use last names but she is like Madonna and Prince. When I am feel low call on her, mentally and physically, MEGAN-BROOKS. We met in Montreal this summer. I was her little thing she was fucked without she was my little drunk. We laughed we cried we ran around and went water sliding. We shotgunned beers.

I will forever B-yours, Miss Brooks.

Montreal is a treat for the FREE postcard. It's the way advertising works. POP comes out with the best. On the back it's a 2008 calender. For 2007 I kept one with me and circled all the days of travel. 114 was my total. A third of the year, my my. 2008 it the year of broke. Neal sent this magic, he's growing on me as a penpal.

I guess those will be it for valentines for the year. A good haul. Thank you everyone who made me one they will be cherished.

Till Monday's postbox trip,

Mathew John

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Half Written.

I can’t seem to finish even writing a postcard. Even if I am waiting for someone to meet, I normally write one or two. By the time I get out my contact list and my stamp and write the date the moment is gone. My grandmother recent asked me “Mathew, are you trying to make the postman get out his glasses? You hide that address and write on every corner.” I blamed last week on finishing a paper. I have no motivation. Thursday I will drive to Saskatoon to visit my grandparents. They always provide good stories. I haven’t run out of stories… Just given up on love. My Grandparent’s are my favorite couple, I will find love again.

A lost pen pal of mine has reached out for contact. Katie S. this lovely girl who attended Mark’s show in Saskatoon. She came directly and sat down beside me. Gentle touch. One finger exploring the current of my hairs. I knew she was a good person. I had sent her my 3 pieces of mail with no response. (My rule of thumb) A little sad. Last night Mark and I watched 8 episodes The Office. He checked his Email and there it was: A friend of mine, Katie is looking for a friend of yours Mathew address. Moments like that make my days.

Back to watching the office,
Mathew John

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Man I am so in love with you.

"I should explain my postcard art. It is my locket. Given to me by my Grandma. Given to her by an old boyfriend, she tells me proudly and scandously- for it was not a gift from my Grandfater- the man she loved in the end. Now my locket waits empty." ~Erin G.

Carolyn mentioned how after a break up she like to purge her life of that person. Wash the sheet and grab the garbage bag. It's interesting how Erin's Grandma would hold on to that locket for so long. As I have been informed, never give back jewelry.

Today we went and visited our good friend Bernard Callebaut. A perfect way to spend the day hanging with the best friend eating sweets. I dropped her off, in her hand was Sixteen Candles and the Notebook to be consumed. Good luck. Then my mother bought my favorite secret treat- croissant donut. Help me out of this sugar coma!!!

No eating any more chocolate...till tomorrow when it becomes half off.

Off to hide in the library,
Mathew John

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"a curious creature of unknown origin"

Lately I have been venturing to Banff to visit Jo. Mark introduced me to one of Banff's best secrets.

THE MERMAN. The dusty kicked in a corner in the back of the Indian Trading Post. (just across the river from the downtown)

I can't think of a better postcard. I bought 2 the first visit then 2 weeks later went back for 3 more. The biggest wonder is the mailmen thoughts as they process this beauty.

Back to working on my Valentines. They will be sent late. It's been a busy week and will continue. (sad face)

A little creeped out,

Mathew John

Monday, February 11, 2008

I will not quit.

Monday Blues.

In the month of February, I go through major blues. It's a short month thank god. Right now all I want to due is lie in bed. There is nothing better than that warm spot. you know, your protection, your body heat collection. Perfection.

Today had a lovely card from Elyse.
(Purchased from my favorite store in Victoria, Fan Tan Gallery)

Then the nicest surprise a simple letter from Neal. Within a month of meeting Neal he picked his stuff up and moved to Montreal. Ever time I have moved I knew I would return. He is brave. (even if he doesn't believe me) I had sent him 3 cards with no reply. It's a rule of mine after 3 pieces to quit. Just in time he saved his mail box. It makes me happy because I enjoy sending mail ,and don't want to quit. Pen pals have to put in some work.

I should get back to work,
Mathew John

(trying not to nap)

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Boy I was spoiled today.
(Very needed.)
My first Valentine. I put a call out for them. We will see how they will trickle in.
This year for the day of love I plan on hiding out. Taking a 'Mat' day.

Mark then surprised me with a CD. It has all the songs types I love. Music that let's your mind slip into dreams. Oh Dreams. Oh Baby Dreams. I would trade all the rest of my 'Mat" days of my life to see into a baby dream.

Off to have my own dreams,
Mathew John

Friday, February 8, 2008

Some Pen Pals.

Well Miss Charley I think your swell too. Charley and I went to the same suburban highschool. But never found away to be friends. We ate dinner together for a mutual friends birthday. She is a vegitarian and ofcourse her pasta came out with chicken on it. Watching her awkwardness, i knew we should be friends. Then years later thanks to facebook we became internet friends. I told her to visit me in Montreal, she said visit her in Halifax. Boom weeks later I was sleeping on her floor. Then we boarded a 20 hour train and she slept on my bed.

This is a drawing Charley sent me. During my visit I bought this amazing print of hers. She spent her first year living in H-fax working with rust. It's a one of a kind using 9 flattend rusted cans. Magic. I'm not a painter or even a capital A Artist. Just a love and peace with writing down my thoughts and sending them away.

My newest pal is Natasha. We have never met. After recieving this first post card I knew she would get the good stuff in her mail box.

Lately I have been spending some time in Banff. But I have yet to see a deer there. As a child the place was overrun with Elk. BRING back the ELK. 2 tourist would die a year because of the elk. "Don't touch something alive that is bigger than you and not human"~Mathew John

'The Creaking Planks'
I received this post earlier this week. Natasha isn't in the photo but there is an accordian. That's how we met. She was just somegirl on the internet holding an accordian. Well more than holding it. Oh man. Find me a man who plays the accordian and I will be in heaven. (Even the glockenspiel...umm) After a little messaging back and forth. Boom pen pals. Only 2 pieces to make it to me so far but i'm excited for more.

Mathew John

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

In love with my scanner.

Naked Young Man Sitting by the Sea (1836)
by Hippolyte Flandrin

Yesterday, I recieved this art card. The painting comes from the Louvre. (I HEART PARIS!!!)

Sent by Elyse. My dearest pen pal. One post per week average. I tried to copy the text of the card. No luck yet with figuring it out. she does mention, "Thought this card was beautiful. What a perfect man! There needs to be more men like this in the world!" Couldn't agree more. In the future there will be a post only on the beautiful men cards.

Mathew John

The Art of a Letter.

Hello and welcome,

I have been sending mail for years now. It all started when I was 17.
Never normal, I jumped aboard a sailing vessel heading for the hot South Pacific.
That's where the romance all started. One continuous letter to a good friend. Postcards to the ones I missed.
Years later I have managed to collect multiple Pen Pals. After recieving the pieces they end up in a brown velvet box in my closet.

Time to dust the box off.
Time to befriend my mailman.

This First Postcard is from a Friend Becky. Becky makes magic on the facebook Graffiti application. I hounded her to become my penpal and this was her first work. It was the perfect way to start my weekend on Friday. I like working with blank postcards. It just gets the juices going.

Total Magic. Here's the Back:

Off to check my Mail Box,
Mathew John