Saturday, February 9, 2008


Boy I was spoiled today.
(Very needed.)
My first Valentine. I put a call out for them. We will see how they will trickle in.
This year for the day of love I plan on hiding out. Taking a 'Mat' day.

Mark then surprised me with a CD. It has all the songs types I love. Music that let's your mind slip into dreams. Oh Dreams. Oh Baby Dreams. I would trade all the rest of my 'Mat" days of my life to see into a baby dream.

Off to have my own dreams,
Mathew John

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Toccata said...

One of my closest friends is a friend from high school although while in high school we couldn't stand each other. Why I don't know. We ran into each other after university at some tea while both of us were being dragged their by our mothers. It was so awkward at first because our mothers were oh look you have a friend here, how nice you'll have someone to gossip with while us ladies mingle. I remember the two of us kind of looking at each other in horror and then what do you know an hour and a half later we were fast friends. I played at her wedding.