Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Not normal unhealthy kind of love"

Not sure who sent this. It is one of my pal because they refer something I have written in the past. I thought it was Erin G. because she is from Saskatoon. Saskatoon Regina so close. Texted her. Not her. Maybe it might my teacher Kate K. I had sent one off to her from Banff awhile ago. Mystery. They did mention they bought the set so I should be receiving more soon. Hopefully with their name.

I do love the postcard collection of Warhol's. I have bought some individually in the past and sent them off. Beautiful Men traveling across the country always a delight. Canada post ruins some postcards. I do like this one though, it adds character for it.


Anja said...

Omigoodness! This is me!!

Mathew John said...

I know!!!