Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Same Day Same Way

Interesting haul yesterday. Both postcards from regular pals. Both postcards that they have had for along time. Both sharing stories of the moments of their lives attached to the card.

I wish my childhood was spent going to ski in Poland. Twelve was the first time I went skiing. No use for poles. No fear. Dislike for turning. All these things lead to disaster. Skiing does not appeal to me anymore. To learn to snowboard as well. (Too old now)
Oh I was surfing today and found the cutest envelope. Consider this idea stolen.
Sad that this blog will be taking a different format while I am away. Ce la vie.

Friday, April 25, 2008

If only... was Monday.

Yes a very good idea. The bottom of the enclosed paper had this wonderful elephant print. To think how materials come into our hands is too much thought. Here I was on a snowy day holding this letter made in India. (Sent from Saskatoon, Thanks Erin) I'm working on sending my made in Canada for her to receive in Nepal. I have a lot of 1.60 stamps and not enough international pen pals. Ce la vie. Maybe I should be the one next to leave!!!

Anja took me out for a birthday dinner. I had a glass of champagne. 3 this week! It is how I handle studying. (or not studying) Monday at 11AM I will be a free man, for the good or the worse. There will be many bottles of Champagne!!! I have a Birthday Bottle that I am taking with me to Montreal to be opened in celebration of being done. Back to Anja, in our dinner I realised how much you learn about a person in mere hours of conversation. She is really sweet. I can't wait to spoil her with Quebec letters.
Love will come to us all,
Mathew John

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Pals.

Made by Jessica K.
There is something sad to this piece. You know how there doesn't even seem to be time for your close friends. Then you search for time for those really great people. Jessica is one of the great people. (who I need to see more). Listening alot to Lykke Li. (who I am sure Jessica would like.) Excited for this new interaction.

This is from Barbra K.
My first post card in French. Barbra is the sister to my first junior high girlfriend. She wants good things for the world. She makes these good things happen. Her sister is one of the finest artists I know. (and a good kisser) Surprised how much I understood of the card. She taught herself french. Amazing.

Classic Elyse. No need to say anymore. Other than I'm not this determined to find a man. Yet.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Week.

You know how I love the back's on envelopes. (Erin G)

Here's 2 of my favourite cards. The elephant came in that wonder envelope. It folds into 3. Hallmark used to make so much magic with there cards but now they rely on corny jokes. The other card is from my mother. (and father) She just said "It seemed sweet like you and a little french." Merci Mama.

This week was busy finishing up all the assignment I need to graduate. Apologies for being away from the blog. (Well to Francine she reads like a bible)

Count on Natasha (left) and Elyse(right) to fill my life with cute boys. Che, DREAM BUCKET. I am a repulsed non-smoker, but man in that Power is totally hot. So is White Briefs.

Neal hit it on the nose what the next week will be like.

I just have to limit myself to one a day. Only when needed. No cups after 2PM. Only one per day, or else I will be up writing postcards all night. I have been working on my own cards. Really happy with the turn out. If you want one let me know.

Inside the card was this great Pink Balloon. I got me thinking about my childhood when the simplest things gave you hours of enjoyment. Totally pretending the balloon was my ballroom dancing partner and waltzed around the room. (Winning awards.)

Now I use this balloon to blow out some stress,

Mathew John

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Correction after bumping into Becky VB it turns out that card was from the other Becky. Call me crazy!

I just loved this postcard because it depicts me so much this winter. I'm out of bed and no longer sleeping.

I don't know where erin G. got this amazing jem. Pineapple on everytable at a chinese restraunt weird.

Tonight will be full of dancing and hopefully a pleathera of cards.

Smile Big,

Mathew John

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Pre-Birthday.

Thank Elyse but most of the time I look hagard and confused. Each day i'm so lucky to getthe love and support from so many people. Blows my mind. Grateful.This is from natasha it is from the same artist as the velvet postcard a month ago. Next visit to the island i'm stocking up. Natasha and I are those independent people not always attached to a lover. As she wrote "they (her friends) don't think I should date just anyone, that my creativity and being is too much for the common man." This made my search, even though I am not searching, bearable. Love will come and I'm not waiting anymore.
Turn you head.
This comes from a first timer, Becky VB. It has a similar look to one by my other pen pals Becky. Weird? I never know how to scan in home made cards. It brought me back to days of my childhood playing with my sisters nail polish.
I did have a nice spring day.
Tomorrow I turn 23.
Watch out world,
Mathew John

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Weird Week.

I know I have weeks where I can;t commit my hand to the letter. This week was weird because I didn't get a single piece of mail all week. Left early on Friday so just got the mail. Thank Anja. From Bum to penis, my mailman must love it. I wonder how much someone paid for this work of art. I guess anything Andy Warhol will collect many pennies.

Anyway I was writing cards all last week. Hopefully there is more to come. As exams approach the more stress my writing becomes. On the upside Going to Quebec City will give me new stories and new cards.

Till the summer begins,
Mathew John

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


March 4th
Liz C.

March 6th

March 7th
Erin I
Kate K.
Erin G.
Amelia A.

March 10th

March 13th

March 16
Charley's Parents
Katie S.

March 18th
Amelia M
Erin G.

March 24

March 28th
Mark C.
Rachel N.

March 31st
Megan Brooks
Sean B.
Erin G.
Ben D.
Auntie Pat

39 Pieces of mail.

Mathew John

The Week's Beauty.

The week I wasn't home I had alot of mail. Up top is a type written letter from Charley She cut out the cutest heart on the envelope.

A New-Old penpal Annalise. We worked together at the Gap and have a chance to live in Quebec this summer. Hopefully it will work out. (If only I could get news either way.)

Hello Natasha you brighten my day.

Anja, you brighten other things.

My friend Seema who disappeared to Montreal only to find out we lived only blocks from each other. This Atlantic City card was written in July but sent in March. I happen to do this all the time. I should write a post on how many half written/unsent postcards I have.

Kate K. is my idol. My teacher of history when I travelled abroad. She inspired me to become a teacher and i have sent her enough pieces of mail to create an actual correspondence.

The last 2 day I have had an empty mail box. Also coming down with the flu.


Mathew John