Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Half Written.

I can’t seem to finish even writing a postcard. Even if I am waiting for someone to meet, I normally write one or two. By the time I get out my contact list and my stamp and write the date the moment is gone. My grandmother recent asked me “Mathew, are you trying to make the postman get out his glasses? You hide that address and write on every corner.” I blamed last week on finishing a paper. I have no motivation. Thursday I will drive to Saskatoon to visit my grandparents. They always provide good stories. I haven’t run out of stories… Just given up on love. My Grandparent’s are my favorite couple, I will find love again.

A lost pen pal of mine has reached out for contact. Katie S. this lovely girl who attended Mark’s show in Saskatoon. She came directly and sat down beside me. Gentle touch. One finger exploring the current of my hairs. I knew she was a good person. I had sent her my 3 pieces of mail with no response. (My rule of thumb) A little sad. Last night Mark and I watched 8 episodes The Office. He checked his Email and there it was: A friend of mine, Katie is looking for a friend of yours Mathew address. Moments like that make my days.

Back to watching the office,
Mathew John

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KLA said...

i like this post. you. and yr blog!