Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Week's Beauty.

The week I wasn't home I had alot of mail. Up top is a type written letter from Charley She cut out the cutest heart on the envelope.

A New-Old penpal Annalise. We worked together at the Gap and have a chance to live in Quebec this summer. Hopefully it will work out. (If only I could get news either way.)

Hello Natasha you brighten my day.

Anja, you brighten other things.

My friend Seema who disappeared to Montreal only to find out we lived only blocks from each other. This Atlantic City card was written in July but sent in March. I happen to do this all the time. I should write a post on how many half written/unsent postcards I have.

Kate K. is my idol. My teacher of history when I travelled abroad. She inspired me to become a teacher and i have sent her enough pieces of mail to create an actual correspondence.

The last 2 day I have had an empty mail box. Also coming down with the flu.


Mathew John

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