Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Week.

You know how I love the back's on envelopes. (Erin G)

Here's 2 of my favourite cards. The elephant came in that wonder envelope. It folds into 3. Hallmark used to make so much magic with there cards but now they rely on corny jokes. The other card is from my mother. (and father) She just said "It seemed sweet like you and a little french." Merci Mama.

This week was busy finishing up all the assignment I need to graduate. Apologies for being away from the blog. (Well to Francine she reads like a bible)

Count on Natasha (left) and Elyse(right) to fill my life with cute boys. Che, DREAM BUCKET. I am a repulsed non-smoker, but man in that Power is totally hot. So is White Briefs.

Neal hit it on the nose what the next week will be like.

I just have to limit myself to one a day. Only when needed. No cups after 2PM. Only one per day, or else I will be up writing postcards all night. I have been working on my own cards. Really happy with the turn out. If you want one let me know.

Inside the card was this great Pink Balloon. I got me thinking about my childhood when the simplest things gave you hours of enjoyment. Totally pretending the balloon was my ballroom dancing partner and waltzed around the room. (Winning awards.)

Now I use this balloon to blow out some stress,

Mathew John

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