Friday, April 25, 2008

If only... was Monday.

Yes a very good idea. The bottom of the enclosed paper had this wonderful elephant print. To think how materials come into our hands is too much thought. Here I was on a snowy day holding this letter made in India. (Sent from Saskatoon, Thanks Erin) I'm working on sending my made in Canada for her to receive in Nepal. I have a lot of 1.60 stamps and not enough international pen pals. Ce la vie. Maybe I should be the one next to leave!!!

Anja took me out for a birthday dinner. I had a glass of champagne. 3 this week! It is how I handle studying. (or not studying) Monday at 11AM I will be a free man, for the good or the worse. There will be many bottles of Champagne!!! I have a Birthday Bottle that I am taking with me to Montreal to be opened in celebration of being done. Back to Anja, in our dinner I realised how much you learn about a person in mere hours of conversation. She is really sweet. I can't wait to spoil her with Quebec letters.
Love will come to us all,
Mathew John

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Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I can't wait for you to spoil me too! xoxoxox Anja