Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Pre-Birthday.

Thank Elyse but most of the time I look hagard and confused. Each day i'm so lucky to getthe love and support from so many people. Blows my mind. Grateful.This is from natasha it is from the same artist as the velvet postcard a month ago. Next visit to the island i'm stocking up. Natasha and I are those independent people not always attached to a lover. As she wrote "they (her friends) don't think I should date just anyone, that my creativity and being is too much for the common man." This made my search, even though I am not searching, bearable. Love will come and I'm not waiting anymore.
Turn you head.
This comes from a first timer, Becky VB. It has a similar look to one by my other pen pals Becky. Weird? I never know how to scan in home made cards. It brought me back to days of my childhood playing with my sisters nail polish.
I did have a nice spring day.
Tomorrow I turn 23.
Watch out world,
Mathew John

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Accordion Spieler said...

I'm so glad to hear that Mathew!!!