Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Pals.

Made by Jessica K.
There is something sad to this piece. You know how there doesn't even seem to be time for your close friends. Then you search for time for those really great people. Jessica is one of the great people. (who I need to see more). Listening alot to Lykke Li. (who I am sure Jessica would like.) Excited for this new interaction.

This is from Barbra K.
My first post card in French. Barbra is the sister to my first junior high girlfriend. She wants good things for the world. She makes these good things happen. Her sister is one of the finest artists I know. (and a good kisser) Surprised how much I understood of the card. She taught herself french. Amazing.

Classic Elyse. No need to say anymore. Other than I'm not this determined to find a man. Yet.

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bunnylefever said...

i would like to see you.
i haven't been myself this past decade.