Friday, March 7, 2008

Weeks that fly by.

As school get more demanding I try to not let myself get to distracted.
That why I got a little behind on my updates. This is my weeks haul.

Many great pieces. My girl Audrey, sent from my Girl Sophie. Sophie is the reason I came to know Elyse. We sailed around the world then lived in Montreal for a summer. She was going to Meet Elyse in Tennessee for a trip and her flight was cancelled and bags lost. Redirected through Chicago so she sent me 2 postcards this week. Hopefully we can go one day and see the city.
The top orange one is from Anja. Surprise Anja is my mystery pen pal from 2 entries ago. I can't wait to get the set of men in my mail box.

The blue one came from Natasha. Smooth. I could rub this on my face. (I also really like to smell velvet.) It did also help with the finger prints on my scanner.

Boy Hungry!!! Elyse has magic for finding little bits that fit my life. You know it's spring when every second person you see looks good. Oh and soon the blooms will be out. Good thing I have quit looking for love.

Lastly My final Valentine.~Erin I.~ Written on the 14th and sent from Toronto. 2 lovely lollipop bulged the envelope thick. Must have been considered a parcel since it took so long to arrive. Tree's and Deer do make hearts. My heart beats for this girl, we have only had 10 sentences and I'm sure it's gay man straight girl love.

I was up till 1AM writing away so check your mail boxes.
Off to nap on this sunny day,
Mathew John

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Toccata said...

Those are some nice cards you got there. "Boy Hungry" love it!