Monday, March 24, 2008

The on-going story.

“Once upon a time there was a young boy and girl who wanted to find love. So they set out on a quest together. In each town they found handsome men who were brave chivalrous knights, but still, what they seeked continued to elude them. They had been travelling for many months and their will to go on was fading, when at last they happened upon a tall and foreboding castle set high upon a treacherous cliff. Both knew at once that this was where their lover lay. They scaled the cliff, each step bringing them closer to the dark castle finally they reached the summit and saw a light…” ~Sept. 20th 2007

“…The golden glow spilled out onto the floor from an open doorway of a hall. They made towards it. They hesitated when they reached the threshold, but curiosity drove them in. Inside the room, which was made of stone (as it was the turret of the castle) lay two marble platforms. In the candlelight they could make out the sleeping forms of two men. They approached them and tried to wake them. Nothing would work, they were enchanted…” ~Oct. 21 2007
to be continued...
Mathew John

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