Wednesday, March 12, 2008

PB and J

Don't get me wrong, I love my weekly pen pals. At least once a week I send something off to Elyse, Erin G., Natasha, Charley, and Neal etc... But This post is about Amber PB.

I met Amber in Halifax this summer. We have had an on/off relationship. She was introduced to me by Charley. NSCAD's love mail. She has this great way of combining texture and little drawings to her mail. There was a velvet bunny sticker on the front. Cute.
"Well. let me just take this opportunity to say, that your on going postcard correspondence never ceases to brighten whichever day I happen to receive said mail... and no matter how sporadic or far between they may be... I will continue to feel that matter what."
Back at you Amber.
It's my birthday in a month. I think I will treat myself with a typewriter.
Off to make a sandwich,
Mathew John

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