Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How does it?

How did this even get to my house. The address is basically washed away. It was a letter from Neal and the water seeped through the envelope to end up on the pages. Smearing his writing. It does have a little charm. I wonder if someone has ever written a letter popped it into a mail box decide against it and then filled up the mailbox with water? Weird thought, I know

Sophie and Elyse just went to Tennesse. How can you go to Tennesse without getting a postcard of Elvis? He is the king. Sophie always finds the great black and white postcards of famous. The one she sent of Julie Roberts adorn my fridge.

Beatrix potter. Elyse is my Queen of children's books. (and 80's movies) On the back she wrote "When your a proud Daddy, I'll buy your kiddies the complete collection of Beatrix Potter. A must have in any child's library." In her house I covet her Frank Baum originals of her fathers when he was a child. The illustration in the OZ series is just amazing.

Katie S. came through. Here is her first postcard from when we first met in November. I love it all. But really love the bit about "Let's not be Facebook friends." I totally agree. This profile business is tiresome. Great for letting people know what your doing, but do people really care what your doing? It's a large time waster. I would rather put my time to my Pen Pals.
Okay enough blogging and back to the books,
Mathew John

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