Monday, March 17, 2008


2 cards from Elyse.

2 Things from the United States. (one over lap since the Nashville Postcard was from Elyse)

This is a card from Erin E. If anyone could translate this card,
Or we could all make up what it says.

She wrote this card at VW Rally at Bowlorama.

Today I was sad after writing my last mid-term. Francine and my broke self drove around to 3 salvation army's thrift stores and IKEA. Salvation Army is amazing because they resell cards, at 25-50 cents. AMAZING. Basically I have enough postcards and letters to last me 3 months. Tomorrow will be the post of my favourites from the hunt.

Off to clean my room and write some much needed thank you notes,

Mathew John

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