Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Behind but busy.

It's almost gotten me sad lately because with my daily visit to the mail box producing nothing new.

Here's some cheers from Charley who thinks I'm great.

Then again I'm not writing as many postcards as I used too.

Maybe new pen pals who are old friends will kick this summer pen to paper difficulty.
Ainsley is my dear friend who has taken off and moved to Australia for life and love. I spent the summer roaming around with her sister Barbra in Quebec.

Since we were tweens Ainsley has had the best for of story telling. One day I will load one up.

Another set of sisters: The Boutilier.

Hopefully if you read this your close enough to make a visit at sometime to Saltspring Island. So perfect it could be a cult community. I had the pleasure to go to a wedding and stay at one of the most amazing houses every.
Also my favourite cafe in Quebec city is called Temps perdu. (Lost times)

Neal has a way of showing up in random places full a smiles. The same happens in my mail box.

We are that friendship that doesn't exchange numbers but look forward to the next run in. It is almost better in todays world to have friends whose contact is slightly limited and not so instantaneous.

"How can I save the world with nutrition if I can't even remember the difference between soluble and insoluble fibre?" -Erin G.

Happy to have Erin home safe from Nepal. It makes me want to get in my car and drive 6 hours to get that hug. Thank the heavens that the mail only takes a couple of days verses weeks.

This card comes from a night market on her layover in Hong Kong. It is it's own wonderment how I have all these pieces of paper from all over the world in my red velvet box. Memories and moments.

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