Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back to it.

A letter that sat in my friend Mark's house. Every time I came over in the last two weeks he would show it to me or ask me to mail it off for him. Worth the wait. (Just like blogging again.)
Fan Tan Alley is one of those places I cannot get out of without spending 20 dollars. Victoria for the size of the city is so full of crooked corners and wonderous space. The city has the same type of citizen. Natasha is out playing her accordion with bravado. One day we will meet. anticipating laughs and tears.

Our written exchanges are deeply treasured to me. A remembered conversation loses it's honesty with time. The pen on paper is forever spontaneous and forever available.

This a story of Barbra day at Tam Tams. In Montreal on Sunny Sunday's a community has formed. Anyone with a drum or and ear, head down parc mountain to take part in the largest weekly drumming circle I have ever seen. The hot sun and the rhythm one with the lazy Sunday.

Back to it,

Mathew John

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Charley said...

yeah. you are back to bloggggging!